Arabian Society for Histocompatibility & Immunogenomics

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30Sep2018. V.001

Chapter 1. Name

a)       Arabian Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenomics (ARSHI).

b)      The society is registered in United Arab Emirates (UAE) under affiliation with Middle East Molecular Biology Sources (MEMBS) with license number 91302 issued by Dubai Science

        Park, P.O Box 181192 Dubai International Academics City/Block 3


a)     Mission:

a.       To improve the knowledge of Histocompatibility and Immunogenomics field in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMRO) region that impact on the quality of human   life.

b)     Vision:

a.       Provide state of art education and training, promote adoption of quality and best practices and advance research. 

Chapter 3. Executive committee of the board

a)     The executive board committee shall consist of seven members. The members include a President, a Vice-president, a Treasure and three members.

a.       President:

                                                              i.    Shall preside at the society meetings

                                                             ii.    Shall be responsible to assure that all tasks and duties of the executive board members are aligned and executed as planned

                                                            iii.    Shall chair the executive board meetings or, when necessary shall delegate to the vise- president.

                                                            iv.    Shall represent ARSHI in all communication, agreements or partnership with other bodies or shall designate another member of the Executive Board to

                                                  act as ARSHI representative. 

                                                             v.     Shall delegate tasks to any of the Executive Board members. If any task is planned to be executed by a member from outside of the Executive Board, then

                                                  approval is required by the Executive Board.

                                                            vi.     The president term is three years and shall not be eligible for reelection within 5 years after his/her term. The term shall be started January.

b.      Vice-president:

                                                              i.    The vice-president shall assists the president in the general operations of the society including but not limited to:

1.       Meeting logistics e.g. announcement etc.

2.       Manage society public media e.g. website etc. 

3.       The vice-president term is three years and eligible for reelection


c.      Treasure:

                                                               i.      The Treasurer shall ensure the proper maintenance of ARSHI’s financial transactions including account activities, revenues, expenditures, sponsorships, etc...

                                                              ii.     Shall approve any payment or expenses spent from the society account as disbursements, annual license renew or society meetings.

                                                             iii.      All approvals shall be made after written requests.

                                                             iv.      There should be an annual financial audit activity performed in December. The account financial report shall be audited by the Vice-President. 

                                                              v.      The treasurer shall deliver over all financial data and accounts information to his/her successor after the expiration of his/her term.

                                                             vi.      The Treasurer’s term is three years and eligible for reelection.

d.       Executive board members:

                                                               i.      The executive board members shall be nominated by the President and vice-president.

                                                              ii.      A total of three executive board members shall be nominated for following tasks:

1.       Chair of education division.

2.       Chair of membership division.

3.       Executive board member for miscellaneous tasks and assignments. 

                                                            iii.     The executive board members term is three years and shall not be eligible for reelection

b)      President-elect:

                                                               i.      The term of the president-elect is one year joining the executive board. once the president term is over the president-elect shall automatically fill the vacancy.

Chapter 4. Meetings:

a)      Executive board meeting:

a.       The Executive Board shall hold two meetings annually. The meeting shall be called upon by the President to all of the Executive Board members at least four

         weeks prior to the meeting date.

b.       There shall be a quorum at the meeting if in total three Executive Board members are attending.

c.       Proposals, projects or ideas shall be sent to the meeting chair at least three days prior to the meeting date to be added to the meeting agenda. 

b)      Scientific meeting:

a.       The society shall have two annual meetings. The type of the meeting (Course, workshop, or seminar) shall be decided by the executive board members. Any additional event

        proposed may only be added after approval of the executive board members

b.       The location of the meeting shall be approved by executive board members.

c.       Any item proposal for any meeting agenda must be approved by the education committee prior to meeting announcement.

d.       Meeting funding allocation shall be managed by the president and the treasure.

Chapter 5. Election:

a)      Nomination:

a.      There shall be a Nomination committee consisting of immediate previous president, treasurer and one other member of the executive board. This committee shall be chaired by

        immediate previous president.

b.       The nomination committee shall nominate the President-elect to be voted on.

c.       The nominees must meet the qualifications for which they are being nominated by being a laboratory director or supervisor in the field of Histocompatibility and   Immunogenetics

        with at least five years of experience. Credential certification, research publication are advantageous.

d.      The current President shall announce the constitution of the Nomination Committee to the entire society members and announce for whoever interested, willing to serve and meet

       the qualifications to submit his/her name to the position of Chair of the Nomination Committee directly.

e.      All valid nominations shall be included in the ballot.

b)      Election:

a.       The election shall be executed annually in October.

b.       The votes shall be confidentially taken electronically.

c.       Each candidate shall be notified separately of the election results prior to announcement to the entire society members.

d.       The President-Elect and Vice-President shall be elected by the majority of votes received.   

e.       The President-Elect shall join the Executive Board Committee in January beginning of the term.

Chapter 6. Corporate partnership:

a)       The society has three levels of partnership with different benefits categories: Diamond, Gold and Silver.

b)      Each corporate partner shall renew the partnership annually in November.

c)       Any communication in regards to partnership shall be documented in writing.

d)      An agreement letter shall be issued between the society signed by the President and the corporate partner detailing the terms and benefits of the partnership.

Financial Policy


ARSHI Financial policy/ Travel/ Meetings

Approved by ARSHI Board members June 14, 2019

1. General policy: 

     1.1. All payments and/or expenses shall be approved by the current president and ARSHI treasurer.  

     1.2. All requests for reimbursement of travel expenses (airfare/ Ground transport / hotel booking) shall be submitted to the president within 15 days of the completion of

            travel Documentation of expenses (Receipt / invoice) shall be attached to the request (Please note that original copies may be requested at any time if necessary).  

     1.3. ARSHI reserves the right to reject any request for travel expenses that appears unreasonable or beyond allocated budget.

2. Airfare: 

    2.1. All flight booking shall be made at Economy class. An individual may opt to fly First or Business class but will be personally paying the difference in airfare. 

    2.2. ARSHI will not reimburse for the following:

           2.2.1.  Preferred seating   

           2.2.2.  Extra baggage fees

    2.3. Final approval of airfare ticket shall be approved by president/ treasurer prior to ticket purchase.   

    2.4. ARSHI will not reimburse for changing approved purchased flight ticket. 

    2.5. ARSHI will not carry the responsibilities for any flight delay. The traveler shall follow the airline rules. 

    2.6. Direct routes will be booked for most of flights, however, a non-direct flight shall be considered if savings over $200 are available.

3. Ground Transportation:

     3.1. Workshop and meeting speakers are eligible for payment of 25$ as a fixed price for each direction  (Airport-Hotel) and ( Hotel-Airport) 

    3.2. ARSHI will not reimburse for any car rental.

4. Hotels:

    4.1. ARSHI covers the cost of accommodation for the entire event/meeting period ( including only one night before the meeting) 

    4.2. ARSHI does not pay for any additional nights beyond the event closure date. 

    4.3. ARSHI does not pay for any additional hotel costs for spouse or accompanying person..